Brain Training for Dogs: A Dog’s Expert Opinion

You can train your dog at home, with the assistance of a dog trainer. The results will be visible from the first day. Adrienne Farricelli’s online training program for dogs has many success stories and testimonials.

Adrienne Farricelli is a CPDT-KA certified trainer and has created an online program called brain Training for Dogs to train your dog to be well-behaved, intelligent, and follow all your commands.

Adrienne has over a decade of experience helping dogs of all breeds, ages and her work is featured in USA Today magazine and Every Dog magazine. She has also worked with military veterans to train and solve their service dog problems.

If you adhere to her teaching style and stay committed, you will be able to fix any dog’s problems or bring out your natural intelligence.

Why I joined Brain Training for Dogs

Andrew is my name. I’m a dog lover, certified trainer, and dog owner who has had to deal with aggressive dogs. After several recommendations, Adrienne convinced me to enroll in her program.

In the last few years, I have been passionate about dogs and have studied various dog problems.

Despite having developed effective methods of training, I still have trouble handling aggressive dogs. This affected my passion, business, and confidence.

As a dog owner, it is important that I give my best to my dogs. I was determined to find the right solution and joined Adrienne’s dog training program.

After trying the course, I had a strong opinion about it and decided to write this Brain Training For Dogs review.

This review should help you decide if this training program is right for your dog.

If you’re ready to join, however,

My Thoughts on Brain Training for Dogs:

Brain Training for Dogs was created to help owners learn and then apply the information to their dogs. This dog training program is designed to remove the root causes of bad behavior in dogs and reveal the hidden talents that every dog has.

Adrienne isn’t here to just sell her program. I trusted her. Her videos and articles are useful and can be found on a variety of websites and magazines.

Adrienne spent more than 10 years perfecting this system after working with thousands of dogs around the world. Because they don’t address the root cause of behavior problems, most dog training programs fail to engage dogs and owners.

Adrienne created a system that was affordable to address the root causes of behavior problems in dogs and improve communication between owners and dogs.

After seeing the initial results, I realized that this innovative system could be the answer to my problems with aggressive dogs. It would also save my career as a dog trainer.

What You’ll Get with the Brain Training for Dogs

Brain Training for Dogs is a comprehensive course that provides all the tools you need to properly train your dog. The entire content is contained in an easy-to-use members’ area that contains a lot of information about dog training.

FYI: I got 20% off Brain Training For Dogs by using a secret link that someone posted to the dog forum that I was part of.

After paying for the course I received login details to my email. The members’ area provided solutions to all my problems with Benny and other problems that a dog could face in his life.

Adrienne has offered solutions to every lifestyle and behavior problem within the members’ area. Six different categories have been created by Adrienne for her online training course.

  • Dog Training
  • Puppy Training
  • Problems with Lifestyle and Behavior
  • Adrienne’s Archive
  • Case Studies
  • Community Forum

These categories are briefly described below:

Dog Training and Course

The first section includes Adrienne, the author, and some ideas for dog owners. As there are many articles explaining how these activities work, this section can be further divided into subcategories.

The members’ area was friendly and simple to use. Adrienne has walked me through each step with her dog “Einstein” and she is my guide.

Puppy Training

This section/category is about puppies and how owners can train their dogs to be happy. People who are looking to adopt a dog should also read this information.

This section contains methods and techniques for training puppies according to their age. The fear stage, which is between weeks 8-10, is crucial for building strong bonds with your dog.

Behavior Problems

This section is the most important and comprehensive in Brain Training For Dogs. This section is primarily focused on solving dog behavior problems dog owners may face or will face in the future.

Each subcategory has 10-15 articles about methods to solve dog behavior problems. This section helped me understand Bunny’s psychology and to find the right solutions.

Adrienne’s Archive

Adrienne feels this category should be familiar to all dog lovers.

This section includes articles about common problems such as barking. This section also contains videos Adrienne recorded with Einstein and other training techniques that are difficult to explain through written content.

Case Study

This section explains Adrienne’s methods for training two dogs. These were Maggie and Sadie.

Sadie, a service dog, came to Adrienne as an emergency dog. She is prone to whipping, possessive and can be seen standing right next to Adrienne for hours. Maggie was also known for jumping around and other strange issues.

Adrienne shared her solutions to these problems in this section.

Community Forum

Adrienne granted access to the forum as she understands that users may have questions or doubts about the methods and techniques described in the system.

Adrienne can also answer any questions that are not clear to her. The solution provided by one of our members helped me to solve my dog’s aggressive behavior.

Free Bonuses In Brain Training For Dogs:

You will also be eligible for a bonus.

Dog Behavior Training

This bonus guide was recently added to the system. It is only available to a select few customers. Adrienne hasn’t yet mentioned how long she’ll continue to offer this bonus guide.

This guide will cover the most annoying and common dog problems. This book will explain why these problems happen and what you can do about them.

Adrienne offers gentle, but effective methods to stop your dog from whipping. You will also learn simple methods to stop your dog from barking, digging, and chewing.

Adrienne employs all of these techniques to solve problems for dogs.

Adrienne’s Brain Training for Dogs Pros & Cons

We all know that there is no perfect world. I have put together some pros and cons for those who aren’t sure if Adrienne’s program is right for them.

What I like

  • It addresses the root cause of bad behavior in dogs.
  • It keeps both dogs and owners engaged with its self-paced games and activities.
  • This helps to build a strong bond between owners, their dogs, and their pets.
  • These techniques and methods can be understood and implemented in a matter of minutes each day.
  • You can train your dog at your own pace.
  • You will gain a solid understanding of the psychology and behavior of your dog.
  • If you’re looking to adopt a dog, it prepares you in advance.
  • You can access this online training program from any location.
  • You’ll have access to a group where you can share your concerns and questions.
  • It’s much cheaper than online programs for training dogs.
  • This book was created by a certified and experienced dog trainer who has years of experience with training different breeds of dogs.
  • If you are not satisfied with this program, you can request your money back.

What I Don’t like:

It takes time and dedication to train your dog by yourself. This course is not suitable for busy people.

Accessing its content from anywhere, anytime, you will require the internet.

There may be methods and techniques that don’t work as advertised on the official website. Dogs have different learning abilities.

As you can see the pros outweigh the cons. It is important to assess whether Brain Training For Dogs suits your lifestyle.

My Brain Training for Dogs Review and Results

I’m sure you want to know if my aggressive dog problem is solved after using this program.

I not only learned effective ways to handle aggressive dogs but also some incredible techniques and games that I use in my training to quickly deliver results to my clients.

My small investment in Brain Training For Dogs is a major investment in my business and career.

Because I knew that people would not pay much for my average service, I used to charge very little for my services. After sticking with the program for several months and delivering quick results for my clients, I feel that my service is worth a price increase.

Although it took me some time to overcome my aggression issues with dogs, Brain Training For Dogs was able to do more for me than any other online program or dog trainer.

I was impressed by all the methods and techniques I learned from Brain Training For Dogs. They helped me solve an aggressive behavior problem in my dog and I’m now using them to train dogs for my clients.

Pricing Strategy for Brain Training for Dogs:

I am aware that the price of the product is very important to us all.

I have purchased many books on dog training from different authors. These books are priced between $20-25.

Because they were written by people who have no training experience in dog training, most of these books include the same training methods. One thing I did notice in many of these books was that they recommend online dog training programs, which come with a monthly subscription.

While some of these subscription training courses are great, I don’t like paying $40-50 per month for the same content but with a few updates.

This was evident when I looked at Adrienne’s Brain Training For Dogs. To access all articles and videos, you must pay one-time fees. Yes! Yes! You have access for a lifetime.

You can receive Brain Training for Dogs in a one-time payment of $47 with no additional charges. This is what I love the most. A one-time payment is all it takes to get the best dog training program.

Final Verdict: Brain Training for Dogs is Very Impressive

I’m very happy with Adrienne and the information she taught me.

As a dog trainer, thousands of dollars have been spent on online courses for dog training. Unfortunately, the scammers took my money. Brain Training For Dogs offers solutions, techniques, as well as methods that I have never seen in any other online course.

Brain Training for Dogs is a great program. Adrienne is a certified dog trainer and keeps updating the members’ area with new videos and articles that are free to exist customers.

Brain Training For Dogs quickly gained a large following and received many positive reviews within a matter of days. This online program offers innovative information that you won’t find in any other course.

These solutions and methods will be used by me in the future to solve problems for my dogs and provide quick results for my clients.

Adrienne, thank you for this program which is useful not only to dog owners but also to dog trainers like myself. This was the Brain Training For Dogs review. This review will help you decide if this program is right for you.

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