Five Top-Rated PDF Software Products You Will Need

The PDF Expert is one of the most popular PDF programs that runs in a macOS environment. This software allows you to read and annotate PDF documents quickly. It is also the most accessible. Even though it is the most popular choice, this software cannot do all the work.

It only offers the basics, but will not be sufficient to maintain productivity at a higher level. We have compiled a list of the top five alternatives to PDF Expert to help you achieve all the features you need to meet your work expectations.

1. UPDF for Mac

The UPDF is one of the most powerful Mac software options. This free PDF editor software is sure to be the right one for you. It has all the functions you need to make PDF documents more efficient. UPDF is a simple and affordable software that can produce high-quality PDF documents at a low price.

The UPDF was released last year in 2021. It still retains its excitement because it has many new features. These include the ability to read, edit, and annotate PDF files. They also have the ability to do this with a few simple steps.

This cross-platform smart app allows you to choose from 4 reading modes when using your Mac devices. It is easy to download and install, so it won’t take you long to get it working. Advanced functionality such as PDF converting, OCR, and creating and filing forms won’t be available until July 2022.

2. PDFelement for Mac

The next on this top-tier list of effective productivity-boosting software is the PDFelement for Mac. Wondershare’s multi-platform PDFelement for Mac claims it is an all-purpose software that can do multiple functions, including editing, managing, converting, and signing PDF files in just a few mouse clicks.

These are just a few of the enterprise-grade PDF functions that they have integrated into the application. The PDFelement is available with a $79/year subscription for macOS, $39.9/year for an iOS subscription, or a perpetual license for $129. The PDFelement will allow you to file share between multiple users. This application was already available in 2014, but some users still struggle to use it.

3. Nitro for Mac

The acquisition of PDFpen, which extends native PDF capability to all users, including iPad, iPhone, and iPad users, has helped expand this software’s reach to more clients and users. PDFpen has a long history in creating user-friendly and popular products for Mac, iPad, iPhone users.

They will use their expertise to enhance Nitro’s core capabilities across these platforms. The trusted Nitro tool is used to customize rollout plans, data files, and reports faster, modify graphics and text and create amazing digital solutions. With only one license, Nitro clients can access efficient solutions for almost any device or operating system.

To use all their services, you’ll need to be a member. Otherwise, you won’t be able to do restricted PDF conversions or alterations with the free version. With a subscription costing from $9.99 to $179.99, you can choose between Nitro PDF Pro or Nitro Sign. Each subscription comes with a number of seats that allow you to use your license.

4. Foxit PDF Editor for Mac

Foxit PDF Editor for Mac was created in 2001. Since then, it has been an unstoppable platform that allows you to create, edit, and convert OCR and eSign PDF documents. This software is easy to use and supports 8 languages. You won’t have to wait long to begin working with PDF files. Foxit PDF Editor allows for collaboration.

Users can share files with other users and it doesn’t have compatibility issues. A perpetual Foxit PDF editor license costs $159, or you can opt for the $16.99 monthly subscription. Although it is a high-priced subscription, you can still enjoy the benefits of this long-running PDF editor. It is best suited to Mac devices and pays attention to every detail.

5. Preview

Preview, which is the default software that creates PDF files on macOS, is the last. The Mac device continues to amaze users with its unique and trusted built-in software that provides great support for every task. However, Preview is one of the most basic but fastest PDF software available.

It comes as part of the macOS. This is not available on Mac. Another problem is the limited native sharing options. These limitations aside, the Preview comes with all of the PDF markup tools and form-filling support. You also have passwords, encryption and permissions control protection. Although the Preview may not be as bad as you think, it is the most basic protection you have when you first get a Mac.

The goal of this article is to compare the top PDF software options of PDF Expert, offering similar benefits at affordable prices. However, it is important to remember to select the best PDF software that suits your personal or business needs.

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