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It is a never-ending chore that seems never-ending. There are loads of laundry to do, from washing dishes multiple times per day to loading the dishwasher.

We seem to be wasting less time because we have more automation, more gadgets, and more machines and devices that can help us do our chores faster and more efficiently.

We have less time for leisurely lunches, more time for our health and well-being, and less time to spend time with our loved ones.

It doesn’t make sense!

Our house is where we spend a lot of time. In many ways, home decor represents what’s happening in our lives right now.

Here are some top tips that will not only save you time but will also help improve the decor and quality of your home.

Rule Number 1.

Never leave a room without a bag!

This is a game-changer. This is a simple step that will change your life. Instead of waiting for the weekly cleaning, where you are like a rabid puppy trying to pack everything in and then clean it all up in a single afternoon, do this:

Take a quick look around every time you leave a room. Are there any items that are not right? You can find a dirty cup that should go in the dishwasher and a hoodie that is casually thrown on top of a chair in the closet.

Take them with you when you are done and place them in the right place.

This wonderful rule makes it so much easier and quicker to clean your house every week.

Rule Number 2.

Five Minute Tidy. This is the time when you are standing and waiting. Waiting for the kettle boils, waiting for it to finish, waiting for the microwave to start, then waiting for your oven to heat up. If you find yourself stuck in this waiting mode, it is time to get organized.

In the 5 minutes that you have, tidy up as quickly as possible. It will get your pulse pumping which can help you burn calories and increase your metabolism. However, it will also keep you on top of your mundane daily chores.

Rule Number 3.

Do you need a boost in the mood? Create a sanctuary of happiness in your home by surrounding yourself with plants.

Plants can improve your mood and help you feel better. A previous study found that even potting soil contains anti-depressant properties due to its endorphins. Indoor horticulture can improve your health by improving the quality of your indoor air. This is something that we all could benefit from, especially in this ongoing pandemic.

While many of us have turned our attention to our gardens during lockdowns and stay-cations we should not forget our indoor jungle!

Rule Number 4. Declutter

There are many benefits to decluttering, including reduced allergens, better sleep, and less anxiety.

The ‘cantaloupe rules help to make sure your home doesn’t have too many unnecessary items.

This interior rule states that you should not buy trinkets smaller than cantaloupe melons for your home. This will let you add creativity to your space without making it too overwhelming.

This leads to Rule Number 5.

Time. Place a clock strategically in each room. This will not only modernize your home and make it more affordable but will also help you and all your family members keep their days on track.

Are you a bit too lazy to get out of bed in the morning? Do you then have to race around trying to make sure you get out the door on time? Hang a wall clock in your bathroom.

These clocks can also be used to get your children ready for school or to schedule a taxi to pick you up at the right time to take them to your holiday destination. This is a great way to make sure you’re never late again.

Rule number 6 Feng Shui your space!

Feng Shui aims to bring positivity into your home by creating a welcoming, happy and healthy environment. This is something you can do easily without spending a lot of money. This could include repositioning your couch or placing fresh flowers in the hall.

Rule Number 7. Rule Number 7.

Design a space that is serene and tranquil, whether it’s in your living room, bedroom, or study. Soft lighting, neutral colors, and scented candles can bring calmness to your home.

This area should be decorated with interior touches that make you smile, such as a cozy cushion or blanket. Keep your favorite well-being items close at hands, such as a book, a yoga mat, or a playlist.

Rule Number 8. Rule Number 8.

Natural light can improve our focus, sleep quality, and mood. The healing power of sunlight has been recognized. Keep your curtains open and decorate with lighter colors. Mirrors can be used to reflect light around the room. It’s important to maximize daylight and minimize light at certain times of day.

Low lighting will allow your body and mind to relax in the evening. Keep blue light tech and screens out of your bedroom. Get rid of your mobile phone!

Rule Number 9. You Can Eat in as Well as Out.

It’s a great time to upgrade your dining room for an elegant dining experience at home.

How can you make your dining area look more expensive and cost-effective without spending a lot? Add elegant soft furnishings to your dining room for a quick and affordable trick. You can use blankets, cushions, rugs, and throws. You have the option to choose.

Here’s the last Rule. Rule number 10!

Charity. Each week, add one item to a stylish fabric box. You can give this rule to an item that has been collecting dust, a hula hooper you haven’t used in a while, or a pair of trousers you don’t like.

You will have your collection ready when your local charity drops the bag through your mailbox.

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