How to Get Better Results with Call Tracking Service

Call tracking is a popular choice for affiliates and advertisers all around the world. It is easy to set up pay-per-call campaigns and allows for fluent optimization of their performance. Also, it provides transparent analytics. Call tracking answers all questions after an advertising campaign launches.
  • Is the ad sufficiently productive?
  • Which ad generates more leads than the other?
  • What is the cost of each conversion?
  • Am I spending too much?

It is not necessary to distract callers with questions like “How can you know more about us?” The agents answering the phones keep their attention on the task at hand and the people calling are happy with the service received.

How can you make call tracking more efficient for your business Let’s go deeper?

What is Call Tracking?

Before we get into the techniques of improving call tracking results, let’s review some of the basic principles of call monitoring before we dive into the actual methods. Call tracking software allows companies of any size, call centers, as well as media purchasing agencies to have virtual phone numbers. Advertisers, marketers, and affiliates create their offline and online ad campaigns and assign them phone numbers.

Analytical data are reflected in the call track account when a person calls the number to inquire about the product or service. This data includes the number of calls, location, duration, and even the script. As inbound calls are processed, the analytics are automatically updated. Marketers can monitor the immediate results of their campaigns and make changes immediately.

How Can You Improve your Call-Tracking Skills?

Even experienced marketers can benefit from a refresher course every now and again to improve their results. There’s always room for improvement. Let’s take a look at the tips to make the most of a simple call-tracking system.

  1. See the Analysis Between the Lines.

Analytical data can be more than just a report on the results. It is also a treasure trove full of insight. The geographic location of callers can show you the most relevant areas for your product or service. To attract more customers to your cleaning business or healthcare practice, consider organizing an offline event.

You can listen to call recordings to find the most common keywords called out and include them in your ads. If you don’t get enough leads or the price is too high for the ads, you can stop the campaign or target it more accurately.

  1. DNI Separated From SNI.

Dynamic number insertion is a JavaScript code that is applied to your ads campaigns’ settings. Each new IP address will be assigned a unique phone number that will give you more information about each lead. DNI can also interfere with local SEO.

Static number insertion (SNI), is safer if your marketers are betting on organic traffic. Prioritize your goals, regardless of whether you want to spread the word about your brand to a large audience or bring quality leads to your site.

  1. Use the Correct Call Attribution Model

You can gain a better understanding of your customers’ behavior by using different call attribution models. Marketers have access to a variety of attribution models, including campaign-level, session-level, and visitor-level models. Each model provides information that is different in its depth.

The first, which is a campaign-level attribution model, tells you how effective your marketing campaigns are. Although it can be tied to every potential lead, the second type is more limited in its time. The third type, visitor-level attribution, shows all keywords used in the search as well as the customer’s journey.

  1. Expand your Business

With international calling tracking, businesses can easily develop their call-tracking software. You don’t have to be located in order to run such a business. As a marketing affiliate, you can begin your business and add agents over time. You may also explore international virtual numbers for advertising opportunities.

Multilingual IVR menus allow you to easily attract leads that speak different languages. You can manage your business anywhere you have an internet connection.

Bottom line

Call tracking is an easy way to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. A simple call tracking system can open up new avenues for your business sustainable growth and enhancement. It is important to carefully review the functionality and to use it in a way that suits your business goals.

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