What is Real Natsurikari?

Natsurikari is a calligraphy style that is hand-written. This type of calligraphy has been around for centuries and is now gaining popularity again due to the revival of traditional Japanese arts. real Japanese Natsurikariis a method of carefully rolling ink onto paper with a bamboo stick or wooden stick.

This delicate piece of art can be used to make everything from invitations to note cards. Here are some tips to help you get started with real Japanese Natsurikari. Continue reading to find out more about this ancient art form’s history and significance.

What is the History of Natsurikari

Natsurikari, a Japanese art form, uses everyday objects to create intricate and beautiful pieces. Although the origins of Natsurikari remain a mystery, it is believed that the art originated in the 17th Century. Artists all over Japan still practice Natsurikari today.

There are many styles of Natsurikari and each artist has a unique method of creating their pieces. Natsurikari is a tool that can be used to make pottery, paintings, and jewelry. This art form is often showcased in galleries all over the globe by some of the most renowned artists.

The Making of Natsurikari

Natsurikari (Nan Wu Rika) is a Japanese lacquerware style that uses dark red, green, and black colors. The process involves applying a mixture of water and lacquer to bamboo strips, heating them until they become flexible, and then removing the excess. These pieces can then be carved into different shapes and decorated using gold or silver leaf.

Types of Natsurikari

There are many types of Natsurikari. Some are more well-known than others.

Real Natsurikariis an origami technique that involves a single sheet folded in half. The Fold is formed by the intersection of two lines drawn from opposite sides of the paper.

How to Prepare Natsurikari

Natsurikari, a Japanese dish made with fermented soybeans called natto, is a Japanese recipe. This dish can be prepared with fish or chicken and served as an appetizer, main dish, or side dish.

There are many ways to make Natsurikari. You can use chicken or fish marinated in mirin, soy sauce, and sake. You can also mix soybeans, water, and sake together and cook them to form a paste.

Natsurikari can be prepared by fermenting soybeans with a variety of bacteria. This produces an intestinal discomforting agent called shigella, which gives the dish its name: “Natsurikari” which literally means “toilet food” (in Japanese).

Serving Tips for Natsurikari

Real Japanese Natsurikari is a combination of seafood and vegetables in a savory broth. These are some tips to make your real Japanese Natsurikari experience unforgettable.

1. Fresh seafood should be vibrant and fragrant.
2. You want the broth to be flavorful and full of umami (savory).
3. To absorb the flavorful broth, serve Natsurikari with steamed rice or Udon noodles.
4. If desired, garnish with seaweed and green onions.


Real Natsurikari is a great option for natural and sustainable flooring. This flooring is made from the roots of the kenaf tree and is durable and resistant to water damage. This flooring is beautiful and can add luxury to your home. It also offers many environmental benefits, making it an excellent choice for those who want to live green.

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