Top Trends: Make Your Business More Sustainable

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It’s a way to make a difference for both the environment and your bottom line. These are just a few ideas to help your business get on the right path to eco-friendliness.

Cut Your Landline Connection

Although you may not think about the environmental impact of your communications choices and make decisions based on them, did you know that switching over to VoIP providers is better for the environment? It makes more sense to get rid of old-fashioned telephones because internet phone service does not rely on large, disruptive infrastructures like copper lines and switching towers.

VoIP technology allows you to work anywhere and reduces transportation emissions. To learn more about the cost-effectiveness of switching to VoIP, simply type cloud phone in your search engine.

Reduce Paper Usage

The need to print paperwork has been reduced as most documents can be written, stored and shared electronically. High-secure signature software has eliminated pen-and-ink legal forms and contracts. You can reduce deforestation in your workplace by making it as zero-print as possible.

It will also help you save money! As a gentle way of breaking employees’ printing habits, you can post reminders like “Do I really have to print this?” around the office.

Encourage Remote Work

If your workforce travels to work by car, bike, or other public transport, there is a good chance that the carbon footprint int they leave behind as they commute each day to and from work each day is substantial. Your employees can work remotely, reducing the negative environmental impact of commutes.

Encourage them to use natural light, unplug devices when not in use, and give incentives to staff who furnish their homes with second-hand goods and use energy-efficient light bulbs. Although it isn’t smart to jump on every trend, there are compelling reasons your company should be more eco-friendly.

These are just some of the many ways you can increase sustainability in your company, from ditching your phone service to dramatically cutting document printing to encouraging work from home.

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